10-22 to 10-26 Lesson Plans

Monday-Review worksheet over sections 2 & 3. Continue in Chapter 6-Declaring Independence. (Section 4) 2nd Continental Congress

Tuesday-Finish Section 4-Declaration of Independence / Start Test Review

Wednesday-Chapter 6 Test Review

Thursday-Chapter 6 Test

Friday-Begin The Patriot     

***This film is the edited version***

Lesson Plans 10-15 to 10-19

Monday-Finish up Section 1, talk about quiz, begin section 2-Uniting the Colonies

Tuesday-Finish up Section 2 notes-Emphasis on the British policies and the Boston Massacre

Wednesday-Create a foldable with the events leading up to the American Revolution

Thursday-Quiz over sections 1 & 2 of Chapter 6

Friday-No school

Lesson Plans 10-1 to 10-5

Monday-Colonial Society Notes & review packet

Tuesday-Beginning of the Rivalry between Britain and France

Wednesday-Finish up Rivalry section


Friday-TDB due to time constraints for the Homecoming Pep Rally and Festivities


**Monday I will not be in class, so depending on how much students get done will determine if studies get moved back 1 day or not**

Lesson Plans 9-24 to 9-28

Monday-Mercantilism & the Navigation Acts (finishes up Colonial Government)

Tuesday-Guest Speaker ; Test review will be on Google Classroom

Wednesday- 1/2 school day- Short Review

Thursday-Test over the first 2 section of Chapter 5

Friday-End of the marking period, Foldable on the Foundations of a Representative Government

Lesson Plans 9-10 to 9-14

Monday-Finish Southern Colonies notes. Create T-chart of reasons why the colonies were founded


Wednesday-Test over the colonization and early settlements of America

Thursday-Life in the American Colonies-Colonial Economy

Friday-Colonial Government


**All study materials for the test on Wednesday can be found in the Composition Notebook between the titles Jamestown & Roanoke through Reasons the Colonies were Founded**