Lesson Plans 2-11 to 2-15

Monday-STAAR Mock Testing. Only classes 6,7,8 will meet.

Tuesday-STAAR Mock Testing. Only classes 6,7,8 will meet.

Wednesday-STAAR Mock Testing. Only classes 6,7,8 will meet.

Thursday-STAAR Social Studies Mock Test. Only classes 6,7,8 will meet

Friday-Going over the mock test as a class, if time left, will continue our studies in Chapter 12 section 3.

**Days of mock testing, each class will be making their own Kahoot as a form of review. Students will create questions and answers and share with me and I’ll put them in a Kahoot. Each class will play their created Kahoot on Wednesday.**

Lesson Plans 1-14 to 1-18

Monday: Chapter 10 Test Review

Tuesday: Chapter 10 Test

Wednesday: Begin Chapter 11-The Jefferson Era (Section 1-A New Party in Power)

Thursday: Finish up Section 1, Start section 2: The Louisiana Purchase (Territorial Expansion Map Activity & notes)

Friday: Finish Section 2 over the Louisiana Purchase

Lesson Plans 12-16 to 12-20

Monday-Semester Exam Review

Tuesday-Periods 4 & 5 will take their exam today. School being released at 12:15pm

Wednesday-Periods 1, 2, & 6 take their exam today. School let out at 12:15pm

Thursday-Periods 3, 7, & 8 will take exam today. School let out at 12:15pm

Friday-Christmas break!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!


**Any student who is not here for my exam will take it as soon as possible after the Christmas break. They already have their review. It is also posted on Google Classroom

Lesson Plans 12-10 to 12-14

Monday-Reteach, Review, Revisit Chapter 8-A More Perfect Union

Tuesday-Chapter 9 Section 1 (Principles of the Constitution) notes

Wednesday-Chapter 9 Section 2-Our government today

Thursday-Chapter 9 Review

Friday-Begin Semester Exam Review


**A lot of material that was covered during Chapter 8 shows up in Chapter 9. Due to sub-par test scores from Chapter 8, the semester exam will include 2 chapters from the textbook: Chapter 8 & Chapter 9.

Lesson Plans 12-3 to 12-7

Monday – 7 Principles of the Constitution

Tuesday – Chapt 8 section 3 functions of the US Government

Wednesday – Chapter 8 Test Review

Thursday – UIL Event – No classes today

Friday – Chapter 8 Test Part 1


**Due to a band trip last week, we lost a day on instruction due to the number of students out for that activity.