Information for 8th grade American History

Lesson Plans Jan 24 – Jan 28


Monday: Finish class discussion over the inventions of the Industrial Revolution

Tuesday: Begin Ch. 12 section 1 – A Growing Economy w/student made notes

Wednesday: 1/2 Day for students; Work on the STAAR online testing format

Thursday: Ch 12 sec 2 notes – Moving West

Friday: Unity & Sectionalism Notes

Lesson Plans Jan 17 – Jan 21


Monday: MLK Day – No school

Tuesday: Finish Gallery Walk over the Landmark Supreme Court Cases ; Begin discussion over them

Wednesday: Finish discussion ; Start Industrial Revolution Inventions

Thursday: Finish I.R. inventions; Pick up worksheet over the inventions

Friday: Class discussion over the Industrial Revolution Inventions; if time begin A Growing Economy Notes

Lesson Plans Jan 10 – Jan 14


Monday: Ch 11 sec 4 fill in the blank notes – War of 1812 ; Students be sure they are ready for the STAAR quiz tomorrow

Tuesday: STAAR Quiz #1 ; Chapter 11 Test Review

Wednesday: Finish Ch 11 Test Review

Thursday : Chapter 11 Test

Friday: Landmark Supreme Court Cases – Gallery Walk / Notes in graphic organizer

Jan 4 – Jan 7 Lesson Plans


Monday: No school – Teacher Work Day

Tuesday: Jefferson as President

Wednesday: Finish Jefferson as President notes; Begin the Louisiana Purchase

Thursday: A time of Conflict

Friday: The War of 1812

Lesson Plans Dec 13 – Dec 17


Monday: Morning classes – Finish semester exam review ; Afternoon classes – Make up Kahoot from Friday

Tuesday: Finish up semester exam review; make up any work, notes, etc…

Wednesday: 6th period semester exam

Thursday: 1st, 3rd, 6th period semester exam (Early Release)

Friday: 2nd, 4th period semester exam (Early Release)

**If any student has any type of work they need to make up, it is their responsibility to see me and find time to get these things made up. Any missing assignments will not made up will be entered as a zero in the grade book.**

Lesson Plans Dec 6 – Dec 10


Monday: Lecture over 1st Political Parties; Chapter 10 test review

Tuesday: Finish Test Review

Wednesday: Chapter 10 Test

Thursday: Begin Semester Exam Review

Friday: Semester Exam Kahoot Review

**Exam schedule for this class – Dec. 15 – 6th period

Dec. 16 – 1st, 3rd, & 5th period

Dec. 17 – 2nd & 4th period

Lesson Plans Nov. 29 – Dec. 3


Monday: The Court System ; Ch. 10 Sec. 1 – The first President Notes (Washington’s Presidency)

Tuesday:  Finish Washington’s Presidency; 10-2 : Early Challenges

Wednesday: Finish Early Challenges; The First Political Parties

Thursday: Finish up rest of notes; Worksheets, etc… Chapter 10 Test Review

Friday: Finish up Chapter 10 test Review

Lesson Plans Nov. 15 – Nov. 19


Monday: Finish all notes from Chapter 9. Work on 9-1 worksheet from Friday. Pick up 9-2 Worksheet

Tuesday: Worksheets due; Principles of Constitution worksheet/review; Ch 9 Review

Wednesday: Chapter 9 Review

Thursday: Chapter 9 Test

Friday: America: The Story of Us

*Following this week will be Thanksgiving Break. There will be no school the entire week*

Lesson Plans Nov 8 – Nov 12


Monday: 7 Principles of the Constitution Foldable

Tuesday: Bill of Rights Walkthrough

Wednesday: Finish Bill of Rights ; Government & the people

Thursday: Gov’t & the people; Naturalization & Citizenship

Friday: Chapter 9 Wrap Up ; Test Review

Lesson Plans Nov. 1 – 5


Monday: Ch. 8 Sec 3 Notes

Tuesday: Finish sec 3 notes / Ch 8 Test Review

Wednesday: Finish test review

Thursday: Ch. 8 Test

Friday: SS Mind Dump / Principles of the Constitution Foldable


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