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Distance Learning Mar 29 – April 3

The following will be posted this week on Google Classroom


Chapter 16- Spirit of Reform

-Sec. 1 : Social Reform

-Sec. 2 : The Abolitionists

-Sec. 3 : Women’s Movement

*Notes posted will either come with questions to answer, or the notes will be fill in the blank. Again, when we return to school, you will receive ALL notes that have been posted to put in your composition notebook-so there is no need to print out at this time.*

Distance Learning Plan

If you have not finished the notes from before Spring Break (Ch. 15-1), you will need to finish them during this time of distance learning (learning from home.) Mrs. Balboa will be at the school on Monday morning if you need your chromebook or composition notebook. Notes were shared via Google Classroom. Once those are finished, copy the link below in another tab and answer the questions:



I have also attached some flashcards you can create to help refresh/reinforce your knowledge of content covered.

STAAR Flashcards

Lesson Plans Feb 24 – Feb 28

Monday: Manifest Destiny ; The Oregon Country Map

Tuesday: Quick lecture over section 1 ; Being Ch. 14 Sec. 2-Florida and Texas Statehood notes

Wednesday:  1/2 School Day – Any work that needs to be finished from Monday and Tuesday to be done today.

Thursday: Finish Florida and Texas Statehood notes , Start section 3: War with Mexico

Friday: Section 1, 2, and quiz worksheets. Start section 4- California & Utah

Lesson Plans for Feb. 10 – Feb 14

Monday: 8th grade Benchmarks ; Afternoon classes will KWL charts over previously covered US History material

Tuesday: 8th grade Benchmarks ; Afternoon classes will continue KWL’s ; Review STAAR information

Wednesday: 8th grade Benchmarks ; Afternoon classes will review STAAR information

Thursday: 8th grade STAAR Benchmark

Friday: Chapter 13 giant review

Lesson Plans Feb 3 – Feb 7

Monday: Chapter 12 Test

Tuesday: Begin Chapter 13-The Jackson Era (Notes)

Wednesday:  Finish notes; 13-1 Quiz ; Begin The Nullification Crisis ; Conflict over Land

Thursday: Finish conflict over land

Friday: Trail of Tears ; Jackson’s Bank War

**Next week Feb. 10-13 we are taking STAAR Benchmarks. The morning classes will not be meeting during those days.**